Information system for European public procurement

Ted, Tenders Electronic Daily

The official source for public contracts in Europe

2009, 2010

The Miniguide to Ted

How you can keep yourself informed on the European public procurement

2009, 2010

European public procurement & Participation in EU research projects for SMEs

This brochure describes how SMEs can take advantage of two major European online services : TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) and CORDIS (Community Research and Development Information Service).

2009, 2010


The SIMAP portal provides access to the most important information about public procurement in Europe.

Tender notices are published on TED website, the official source of public contracts in Europe.

There are two ways of publishing public procurement notices on TED:

  1. You can send us public procurement notices by using the eNoticesonline application. This system simplifies and speeds up preparation and publication of tender notices and it is easy to use if you need to publish only a small number of notices per year.
  2. TED eSenders service allows qualified organisations to submit notices directly as XML files. You can become an eSender and send us notices in XML format directly via email or web services. To become an eSender you have to go through a qualification procedure before being able to publish your notices in TED. This way of sending public procurement notices is advisable if you intend to send more than 50 notices per year. Please click here for detailed information on how to become an TED eSender.

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